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Planetary DEMs

Lunar DEMs of high lateral resolution

This page contains digital elevation maps (DEMs) of regions of the lunar surface obtained using images of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument on board the Indian lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1. The M3 data set, which is available from the PDS Imaging Node, has a resolution of about 140 m per pixel. It is used as an input for our reflectance-based DEM construction algorithm which relies on an extended shape from shading / photometric stereo method. In order to maintain accuracy on large spatial scales, our approach also takes into account laser altimetry (LOLA) or stereo (GLD100; Scholten et al., JGR 117, 2012) DEM data of lower lateral resolution than that of the images. The lateral resolution of the obtained refined DEM comes close to that of the utilised image data.


Further details about the DEM construction algorithm and its application to the automatic detection of lunar craters can be found in the following publications:


A. Grumpe, F. Belkhir, C. Wöhler.

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Advances in Space Research, vol. 53, no.12, pp. 1735-1767, 2014.

DOI 10.1016/j.asr.2013.09.036


G. Salamunićcar, S. Lončarić, A. Grumpe, C. Wöhler.

Hybrid method for crater detection based on topography reconstruction from optical images and the new LU78287GT catalogue of Lunar impact craters.

Advances in Space Research, vol. 53, no. 12, pp. 1783-1797, 2014

DOI 10.1016/j.asr.2013.06.024



Regional DEMs of the lunar surface

The DEMs are provided as delimited ASCII text files in simple cylindrical projection (the same map projection is used for the LOLA DEM on the PDS server). The elevation values are given in metres relative to the lunar reference radius. The DEMs were constructed based on M3images resampled to a resolution of 1/300°. For compatibility with the 1/512° LOLA DEM, the DEMs are also provided in a resampled enlarged format at 1/512° resolution. The ZIP files below each contain a DEM along with the corresponding pixel-synchronous radiance image of channel 60 (centre wavelength 1978.1 nm) in BMP format. The filenames contain the DEM resolution and the coordinate ranges (selenographic longitude and latitude for 1/300° resolution, pixel coordinates in LOLA DEM for 1/512° resolution).


Stripe of 40° extension in north-south direction from Ptolemaeus to Huggins (4.2° S - 44.2° S, 357.6° E - 358.3° E)

Resolution 1/300°: regional_DEM_04.2S-44.2S_357.6E-358.3E_300ppd.zip

Resolution 1/512°: LU_GDEM_2_512_excludedregion2_90931x91290_48230y68711_native.zip